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Fighting against COVID-19

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     In 2020, a sudden new coronavirus swept across China. The Chinese government closed Wuhan city historically, and the Chinese people had a long Spring Festival holiday. In order to fight the virus, countless doctors rushed to the front line in Wuhan, and countless volunteers sent vegetables and fruits to the people of Wuhan. China has quickly built many square cabin hospitals. When fighting against the virus, many doctors have sacrificed the opportunity of reunion with their families for the Spring Festival, protecting their patients disregard their own health. All the Chinese people stayed at home, reducing their outings. The Chinese people are united together, after months of hard work, the pneumonia epidemic in China is now stable.


However, the world is still attacked by sudden coronavirus, Italy, South Korea, and Japan. and so on. People around the world are currently fighting the coronavirus. Masks, protective clothing, and goggles have become scarce items in the market. Many countries copied China's model to fight the virus. To help more countries China has dispatched medical teams to rescue other countries.


        Virus vaccines are now being developed in various countries. We believe ,with the efforts of people around the world, the virus will eventually be eliminated by us.

        The beginning of 2020 is sudden. Let us work together, unite, obey the requirements of the country, and make our own efforts to eliminate the coronavirus.

         2020, come on!!!


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