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נר לי נר לי נר לי דקיק

בחנוכה נרי אדליק

בחנוכה נרי יאיר

בחנוכה שירים אשיר

Hanukkah was established to commemorate the victory of the ancient Israelis against the Greek invaders. In Israel, the celebration of Hanukkah is held every year. During the holiday season, all tall buildings in Israel are equipped with electric light candlesticks, shops also sell a variety of candlesticks, museums and schools also hold candlestick exhibitions. On the evening of the festival, Wanjia was brightly lit and the scenery was spectacular. Hanukkah is a favorite holiday of children, because the eight lights are lit by the children every night. They also participate in various competitions, party celebrations, especially top playing. There are four letters on the spinning top, which are the abbreviations of the phrase "the great miracle appears here", in order to commemorate the Maccabi uprising with less and more, with the weak over the strong, regaining Jerusalem, defending the Temple of Jehovah, and establishing the Jews themselves Kingdom-the appearance of the "miracle" of the Hasmoni (Maccabi) dynasty. The children also scrambled to eat a marmalade. Hanukkah is as pleasant and joyful for children as Christian Christmas children receive Santa’s gifts.


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