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Happy Chinese Valentine's Day

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Today is Qixi, Chinese Valentine's Day. On the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar.


Qixi originated from a mythical story of Mr. Niu and a fairy. Once upon the time, Mr. Niu is a poor mortal, raising cattle for others. One day, the beautiful fairy come here from heavenly fairyland and meet Mr. Niu. They fall in love soon and live a happy life. The fairy good at weaving. So she have a name Weaver, Zhinv in chinese.

But it is not long. Then the queen of fairyland know. She is angry and have the fairyland soldier to take Zhinv back to fairyland. To avoid Zhinv meet Mr.Niu again, the queen make a river to separate them.


Magpie sympathize with them. After that, the magpies use body to built a bridge on the river on 7th July of the lunar calendar every year. Mr. Niu and his fairy wife can have a meet this day.

The love is unstoppable. People are deeply touched. Afterwards, here is Qixi Festival. People exchange gifts and say love to lover. It is Chinese Valentine's Day.


Wish all the people will found the one they love and have a happy life. 


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