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Happy Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day is a traditional festival in The United States, Canada, Egypt, Greece and some other countries.

On this day, the churches of all denominations are open and thank God for their generosity. Thanksgiving Day is a family holiday. Throughout the country, husbands and wives, children and the elderly, from the city to the town, from the town to the township, from the township to the village, have returned to their homes to spend the holidays. People who can't return home also make long-distance calls and talk to their parents and family to share gratitude. The Thanksgiving dinner is actually the same throughout the country. The table is always filled with a variety of delicious food. 

 thanksgiving day

The most popular food is turkey. According to the recipe, a 20-pound turkey is baked for 4 hours until the turkey is completely cooked. It needs to be baked whole, the chicken skin is baked into a dark brown, and there are many mixed foods, such as broken bread, stuffed in the belly. The turkey sauce is used to make a viscous meat sauce with sweet red raspberry sauce as a turkey dressing. In most families, there are some traditional games after dinner. Thanksgiving is a happy celebration, a day of family reunion, and a time to reunite friendship. On that day, the bachelor was always invited to the home of others, sharing the joy of gratitude with everyone, and thanking God for the grace. This is also the meaning of Thanksgiving.


We are grateful that we know each other by Chengdu Rongxiang Technology Co., Ltd and by our roadway safety products. We are grateful to work with you. On this day, we would like to give the best wishes to you and your family. Wish your life be blessed with happiness, love and miracles. God bless you and your family.

thanksgiving day


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