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Merry Christmas

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Merry christmas

December 25th is Christmas Day. And 24th of December, the Christmas Eve, is also important for everyone. It’s a grand festival for kids and families, kids will expecting the Christmas Eve from the beginning of December. And families will preparing the details for the festival from few weeks ago---Christmas tree, Christmas gifts, Christmas cookies, and so on. People will exchange presents on Christmas Eve, and get together to have parties for this wonderful festival.


As you know that, we are specialized in roadway safety products. Dont you think Christmas tree looks as a big green traffic cone? And Santa Claus is wearing a red traffic cone costume, use a small red cone as his hat, the white edge of Santa clothing looks as the reflective tapes of traffic cones. Its sounds interesting, isnt it? If traffic police can dress like that and directing traffic on the streets during the festival, I think it will be a new and cute sight for Christmas.


Merry Christmas for you in advance!

And best wishes for everyday!


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