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"Quiet Day" in Bali, Indonesia

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People do not go out, do not light fires at home, do not turn on lights at night, do not work, and do not have entertainment. Except for essential public service organizations such as hospitals, fire brigades, and police stations, government agencies, schools, companies, shops, and restaurants are all closed or closed. The hotel that receives tourists only leaves a few waiters to arrange the meals and daily life of the guests who can only stay in the hotel and not go out. On this day, the entire outdoor area of Bali was almost empty. Balinese people stay at home and "live in peace". The two things they must do are: meditation and fasting. On the day before the "Quiet Day", just like Chinese New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve, there was a day and night "carnival" in Bali. On this day, people will go to the beach or running water to wash away the "sin" from the past year, so that the body and soul are purified. Also on this day, people will carry various demons and monsters that symbolize darkness and evil into the streets to "parade", and then burn these monsters to torch them to free people from the control of all evil desires. I hope everyone can have a new start on this day。



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