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What is the best food for summer?

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Guess what is this?



In my hometown, Sichuan, this is essential in the summer. You can find it everywhere, every street. When it is hot, have a bite, super cool. It appear every summer and completed our summer memory.


The Chinese name is Bingfen, a famous snack originating in Sichuan Province, has been popular in many places in recent years and is a famous summer snack.

Cool, sweet and refreshing. As a summer food, it is popular because of its smooth, transparent, icy, delicious and inexpensive.


Its main raw material is nicandra physalodes produced from a special tree, taste icy, looks transparent. And crushed peanut, raisin,hawthorn, sugar, ice. We can add different fruit, such as watermelon, cantaloupe accord to different hobby. Also can add flower tea, such as rose, Osmanthus or others. Different taste looks also different. The various color looks nice and people feel happy.


When we had a rest in the afternoon last week, our company gave us a surprise. Everyone had a cup of Bingfen. Different taste looks like colorful crystal. Seduce our taste buds. And everyone got the taste they like. It was a nice time. Cool and delicious.



What is the best food for summer in your city?


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