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Information About Rubber Corner Guard

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A rubber corner guard is also called a wall corner protector, used to warn drivers and protect the column and vehicles. It is embedded in the corner of the parking lot partition wall and column. The color is yellow and black (where the yellow is reflective film) placed on the square column of the underground parking lot to prevent the vehicle from rubbing or colliding with the column when turning, scratching, or bumping the car paint and column.

Here is the content list:

  • Features of the rubber corner guard

  • Application of rubber corner guard

  • Installation method of the rubber corner guard

Features of the rubber corner guard

1. Made of high-strength rubber, with good pressure resistance, and corner guard has a certain degree of softness when the vehicle impact can effectively protect the vehicle from being scratched.

2. Installed with glue or screws safety corner guards on the corner, in the vehicle impact will not be loose surface with yellow reflective film, making the corner protector black and yellow, especially eye-catching, reflective film at night to reflect light, so that drivers can see the wall position. Easy to install, easy to maintain, and suitable for use in parking lots, residential areas, and toll lanes.

3. Good pressure resistance, and has a certain degree of softness, so it can effectively protect the vehicle from being scratched. It the protection of vehicles from scratches at the same time, but also protects our property safety.

Application of rubber corner guard

Corner guard is made of high-quality rubber mixed with plastic, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, not easy to wrinkle, strong impact resistance, pressure resistance, shock absorption, soft and hard, and environmentally friendly, effectively reducing damage when the goods touch to avoid damage to precision parts caused by excessive shock. So rubber corner guard is generally used in underground parking garages, factory workshops, loading and unloading platforms, and home garage doors on both sides of the need to protect and prevent vehicles or pedestrians from easily rubbing into the corners and other places. It also contains reflective materials, this rubber warning label has a senior reflective lattice film, the installation of a corner guard in the obstacle strip, light through the micro-rhombic lattice film reflective return, warning drivers to pay attention to safety, to protect the safety of people, vehicles and things.

Installation method of the rubber corner guard

1. Material preparation: Before installation, the necessary tools and installation materials should be prepared to complete the installation work smoothly.

2. Punching: Before punching the holes, you have to mark out the exact location of the holes in the area where the rubber corner guard needs to be installed. In addition, the number of holes has a certain relationship with the length of the corner guard, the location of the holes should be left and right correspondence should maintain a balanced state, to avoid skewed installation problems. When drilling, use the impact drill to drill holes at the exact location, the holes should have a certain depth, but not too deep.

3. Installation of safety corner guards: After the drilling process is completed, the expansion plastic is put into the hole for the installation of screws. Next, then place the rubber corner guard in the corresponding location, use a screwdriver to fix the automatic screws to place the rubber corner guard, and then hammer the screws to knock solid. To ensure that each hole should be installed screws to avoid rubber corner guards producing loose, skewed, off, and other problems.

4. Check: After the installation is completed, each rubber corner guard should be carefully checked to see if it has been firmly installed on the wall.

5. Or just use glue to install.

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