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News Broadcast

  • Communist Party of China 103 Years Old
    The Birth Anniversary of the Communist Party of China, also known as Party Founding Day, Chinese Communist Party Founding Day, Chinese Communist Party Founding Day, July 1st Party Founding Day, Party Birthday, etc., is an anniversary established to commemorate the founding of the Communist Party of
  • The Sun Festival
    The Indians in Peru worship the sun, believing that it is the sun that brings light, tools and seeds, allowing them to reclaim wasteland and grow crops. In order to thank the sun god for the light and warmth he bestows and to pray that he will continue to bestow happiness on the people in the coming year, On June 24, the Peruvian people will wear colorful clothes, wear "Churo" decorated with animal feathers on their heads, and bring cheese, corn cakes and other offerings to the Saxamán Castle to participate in the Sun Festival. This is the most grand and ethnic traditional festival in Peru - the Sun Festival.
  • Father's Day 2024
    This Sunday, June 13th, is Father's Day one a year, Here's best wishes for every father, with all of your living with happiness and healthy. Happy Father's Day!​
  • Convex Mirrors for Portugal Market
    Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with Convex MirrorsAs urbanization and traffic density increase across Portugal, the need for advanced safety measures and efficient surveillance systems has never been greater. Convex mirrors, with their unique ability to provide a broad field of view, offer an essen
  • 2024 Dragon Boat Festival
    2024 June 8th-11th is our dragon boat festival.This festival is
  • Sweden National Day&Hot Sale Items
    It is Sweden's national holiday on Jun 6th every year.People will celebrate holiday with different activities.Let's see what is hot sale in this country:
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