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  • Happy National Day

    On the 1st.Oct. 2019 is our country national day . China establishment Seventy years old. We are very happy among this holiday. Our government will hold military parade ceremony. When the national anthem sound and the flag fly we are so Proud of our country.In this holiday we have 7 rest day. People

  • PU-corner guard

    Pu corner guard...soft corner guard....wall protector

  • Mid-Autumn Festival

    Hot summer has past, new September purchasing season now.Weather gets cooler, is good season for traveling to Sichuan, welcome to China and visit us any time.And we will have a 3 days vacation from September 13th to 15th for the Mid-Autumn Festival, will back to office on Monday-16th, September. If

  • Happy Chinese Valentine's Day

    Today is Qixi, Chinese Valentine's Day. On the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. Qixi originated from a mythical story of Mr. Niu and a fairy. Once upon the time, Mr. Niu is a poor mortal, raising cattle for others. One day, the beautiful fairy come here from heavenly fairyland

  • What is the best food for summer?

    Guess what is this? In my hometown, Sichuan, this is essential in the summer. You can find it everywhere, every street. When it is hot, have a bite, super cool. It appear every summer and completed our summer memory. The Chinese name is Bingfen, a famous snack originating in Sichuan Province, has b

  • Pamplola Bull-running Fiesta

    As we know,Spain is a famous country in Europe,Especially it is famous for Pamplola Bull-running Fiesta.


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