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News and Events

  • Father’s Day

    June 21st, is Father’s Day in 2020, it’s Sunday, and also the summer solstice in the 24 solar terms of this year. Means hot summer is coming, weather will gets more hotter. Father’s love for us, like a breeze in the hot summer, give company when we feel lonely, let us rely on when we are confused an

  • Mother's Day

    The Mother's Day is coming, which is a great day.The mother gave us life and gave everything to nurture us. When we were young, she protect us. As we grew up, she was slowly getting older.She gives everything but asks for nothing. Maternal love is always the most selfless and pure love. We are very

  • Labor Day

    Labor Day in China, also called International Worker’s Day, it is a public holiday that celebrates workers’ contributions to the country. In 2020.we have five days holiday.From May 1st-5th,we will have holiday in China.On holiday, Chinese people can enjoy a variety of activities in cities and in rur

  • Qing Ming Festival

    The April 4th is Qing Ming Festival, it’s one of our traditional festival. We’ll have 3 days off from April 4th to 6th.

  • Our sincere concering

    On the 25th March, we sent some small packages to different countries with sincere. They are masks for COVID-19 prevention.

  • We are together!

    Dear Customer:

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