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News and Events

  • Ramadan

    It's New Ramadan from today, big festival for Muslims. Happy Lesser Bairam!

  • Santa Parik Festival in Ireland

    On March 17th, St. Patrick's Day was to commemorate the Guardian of Ireland St. Patrick.

  • International women's Day

    March 8th is international women's day!As women,we are girls,friends,mothers,wife also we are superman of family!Best wishes for everyone!Come on,struggle for a better future!

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day today. Hope all of you have a happy day, nomatter if you have or have no boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. You can also have today with friends and familes, you can buy yourselves flowers and chocolates. Nomater when, where, how, always do love yourselves, you only live once.

  • Lantern Festival

    After spring festival,we will have another Lantern festival on Feb 5th.

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