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News and Events

  • Chinese Lantern Festival

    The fifteenth of the first lunar month of each year is Chinese Lantern Festival. It is one of our traditional festival, with a long history. Also called Shangyuan Festival.

  • Hello,2021

    2021 is the year of Ox according to Chinese zodiac.Ox is the second in the 12-years cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign.Chinese New year– Spring Festival starts from Feb. 11- 17, 2021, people will have seven days off .It is the grandest traditional festival in China, we will have annual family reunion,

  • Australia Day

    January 26th, is the Australia Day. Commemorating the day when the first Europeans arrived in Australia. Happy Australia Day!

  • Russian New Year

    According to the Orthodox calendar, Christmas and New Year are two weeks later than European holidays. In other words, January 7 is the Russian Christmas; January 14 is the Russian New Year. Russian New Year is the most solemn and ethnic traditional Russian holiday of the year. The beginning of Janu

  • 2021 is coming!

    New year begins!Welcome 2021!Hope this year,everything will become better.All the best for your 2021!Happiness,Good luck,Success,wonderful new year beginning.

  • Merry Christmas

    Christmas is an important Christian holiday to commemorate the birth of Jesus. It’s also one of the traditional western festivals. Wish you a Merry Christmas!

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