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Information About Traffic Barriers

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Traffic barriers are barriers installed on the outside of road shoulders, traffic dividers, sidewalks, etc., which can prevent pedestrians from crossing the road at will or vehicles from entering the opposite lane.

Here is the content list:

  • Role of traffic barrier

  • Applications of traffic barriers

  • The installation method of traffic barrier

The role of traffic barriers

1 This kind of barrier is to prevent vehicles from running off the road and causing rollover accidents, especially the traffic barrier set up in mountainous curves and dangerous roads, for motorists, in the distance can fully attract the attention of drivers, so that they can raise their vigilance, in the passage can also be the driver's line of sight guidance, to help them to operate correctly.

2 Traffic barriers can prevent head-on collisions with vehicles in the opposite direction and can minimize the damage caused by accidents.

3This kind of barrier can prevent vehicles from ramming pedestrians and can prevent pedestrians from crossing the road at will, reducing the possibility of accidents.

Applications of traffic barriers

Traffic guardrails are widely used in municipal projects, traffic, community, ports, airports, and storage areas maintenance, such barriers are becoming more and more mature, become an important branch of the building materials industry, the industry continues to expand the scale, the style is increasing. The urban road safety barrier is now more and more widely used in urban areas, the installation of safety barrier can effectively reduce pedestrian, non-motorized vehicles jaywalking, motor vehicles turn around and other traffic violations, is conducive to enhancing road safety coefficient, prevent traffic accidents, improve road efficiency, improve the image of the city.

The installation method of traffic barrier

The column of safety barrier is first fixed with the ground through expansion bolts (the general accessory used is resin base), then put the column into the resin base inside, outside hitting screws, resin base connected to the ground can be fixed with solid road nails or expansion screws. Traffic barrier surfaces and joints must not have a cracking phenomenon. Wrong table, flatness, appearance quality, and other problems must be dealt with in time, and ensure that their color is consistent. To improve the wind resistance of the guardrail and prevent the pedestrian malicious push, installation should be stable base and ground using internal expansion bolts in the ground for fixed. Installation to make the guardrail on the outline simple and clear, warning drivers to pay attention to the presence of the guardrail and attention to pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles, etc., to achieve the prevention of traffic accidents. It can be seen that the city traffic road guardrail is not only the simple isolation of the road, the more critical purpose is to the flow of people, traffic flow express and convey the city traffic information, establish traffic rules, maintain traffic order, so that urban traffic to achieve safety, fast, orderly, smooth, convenient effect.

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