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Information About Wheel Stops

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Wheel stops are commonly used in parking garage installations to control the reverse parking position and therefore prevent vehicles from colliding with other vehicles when parking in the garage, making them the best facility for limiting the exact parking position of vehicles.

Here is the content list:

  • Role of wheel stops

  • Advantages of wheel stops

  • Material of wheel stops

  • Installation method of wheel stops

Role of wheel stops

Wheel stops are mostly used in parking lots to control the position of reverse parking, thus protecting vehicles from colliding with other vehicles in parking lots. Even if a vehicle accidentally collides, it can reduce the damage to the building and the car. In addition, the wheel block has a reflective film warning sign, which can improve the driver's attention. Moreover, the wheel block is installed at the back of the parking block, which can accurately delineate the parking position of the vehicle and prevent the vehicle from colliding with other vehicles when backing up. Wheel stops also have a certain degree of softness, which can reduce the wear and tear of the vehicle's tires, and are the best facilities to limit the accurate parking of vehicles.

Advantages of wheel stops

1. Wheel stops are made of industrial rubber, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, shock-absorbing, soft and hard, and environmentally friendly.

2. Wheel stops are reflective, it has reflective film reflective treatment on the surface, the vehicle parking guidelines, collision prevention, and pedestrian safety are of great help.

3. Easy to install, with bolts and reinforcement, even cement grouting can be constructed.

Material of wheel stops

1. Rubber: The rubber material is used to add radial and lime powder and other hardening materials and then vulcanized at high temperature, its advantages are good appearance and good results.

2. Rubber and plastic: add plastic hardening material to rubber, and then vulcanize after high-temperature extrusion, it makes wheel stops with the advantages of low cost, fast production speed, more durability, and better resistance to pressure than rubber wheel stops in indoor parking.

3. Plastic PE: PE plastic is used, and then molded by injection molding, its advantage is good-looking and durable, and can make a variety of colors.

Installation method of wheel stops

The installation is done by simply drilling holes in the hard floor with an impact drill and fixing them on each parking space with expansion screws. It is also necessary to use the bullet line, and use the road spike or bolt to make sure that each parking space wheel stop is in the same straight line. If the parking block is on the grass, the foundation should be made first so that the parking block can be fixed. Car parking wheel stops are mainly used in parking lots and garages, which can play a role in making vehicles park accurately, reducing car vibration and avoiding collisions, etc. They are suitable for underground parking lots and are generally used in large external parking lots, community garages or underground parking lots, unit factories vehicle parking spaces, open-air parking spaces, and other vehicle parking spaces, to avoid collisions between vehicles, and buildings when parking vehicles.

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