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Information About the Solar Warning Light

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The solar warning light is a solar-powered traffic signal that warns vehicles coming and going at intersections to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

Here is the content list:

  • Brief description of solar warning light

  • Features of solar warning light

  • Solar warning light precautions

Brief description of solar warning light

The warning light does not need an external power supply, has no wiring, is easy to install, no pollution. In the daytime, let the panel side face the side of the sun, which is conducive to the use of solar power and stored to play a warning role, at night the Warning light adsorbed on the building, turn on the power switch, to play the role of night warning, can be installed on traffic cone, barrier, bollards, traffic barrel, help to lead traffic and road safety.  

Features of solar warning light

1. The use of solar energy as the energy supply, so warning light does not require any cable or wire, more importantly, solar energy is completely non-polluting energy.

2. Solar warning light is used by the lithium iron phosphate battery, this battery is long-lasting and environmentally friendly, with almost no maintenance within five years.

3. The use of a high-brightness LED light source. In addition, warning lights using an integrated circuit management design, in daylight and cloudy weather can also be charged automatically and quickly, the battery casing is also strong and durable, waterproof, and dustproof.

4. Unique optical system, color uniformity, long viewing distance, and automatic fast charging in daylight and cloudy weather.

5. Visibility 200 m in the darkness, photo control, automatic on at dusk, off at dawn, save energy.

Solar warning light precautions

1. Put the solar warning light in a place with enough sunlight to store energy. When not in use, it is best to charge the battery once every 3 months to avoid damage to the battery.

2. Try to install the solar warning light in a sunny place, so that it can well receive sunlight, in addition, when charging, you should turn off the switch in time.

3. In high buildings as a warning, when you also need to do a good job of protection measures to prevent Warning lights from falling from the top of the building causing a safety hazard.

4. If the light is dimmed, it is best to charge in time to ensure sufficient charging time to extend battery life

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