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Information On Warning Bollards

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Warning bollards are used for isolation between roads, buildings, and parking spaces so that the driving motor vehicles play a warning role, with good elasticity, good reflective properties, strong and durable, rainproof, easy to carry, and easy to install, etc.

Here is the content list:

  • Features of warning bollards

  • The use of warning bollards

  • How to install warning bollards

Features of warning bollards

1. Delineator post is made of new technology, with collision resistance characteristics, can withstand the external force of the violent impact of rolling, and quickly restore the original state.

2. Warning bollards have good reflective properties, a clear outline of the road, rain, and snow work normally are easy to install, less maintenance.

3. Reflective material can be a reflective sheet or reflective film, the reflective sheet with glue tightly fixed in the column, and reflective film tightly adhered to the column.

4. Red and white, red and yellow colors are eye-catching and conspicuous during the day, and the lattice set of warning bollards can reflect a dazzling light at night to remind drivers' attention.

4. Warning bollards with lifting ring configuration are easy to carry, while easy to connect to the isolation belt, isolation chain, and isolation pole.

5. Ultra-low center of gravity, weighted chassis design, wind load 8, can be placed outdoors for a long time.

The use of warning bollards

Warning bollards can guide drivers and pedestrians on roadways and walkways with an attention-grabbing delineator post. Keep traffic moving in the right direction by strategically placing a colorful delineator post in key positions along the way. It is ideal for marking the edge of roads and driveways and identifying directionality, suitable for various road divisions, living quarters, schools, sports, factories, gymnasiums, hotels, hotels, commercial areas such as parking lots, entrances and exits, highway sidewalks and traffic lane dividers, etc.

The installation method of warning bollards

1. First of all, use the tape measure to measure the placement position and then set it right

2. Secondly, turn on the power, first use the electric drill to align the screw hole to make a light impression, and then take away the safety bollards to align the imprint punching, the electric drill to hold the right, the depth should be about the same as the length of the screw.

3. Newly set up the warning bollards, insert the screws into the hammer, and finally use the nut set to twist tightly.

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