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Introduction of Safety Sign

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A safety sign is a floor sign that warns workers of dangerous situations in the workplace or the surrounding environment and guides people to take reasonable actions. Safety signs can remind staff to prevent danger, to avoid accidents; when danger occurs, it can instruct people to escape as soon as possible, or instruct people to take correct, effective, and effective measures to contain the hazards.

Here is the content list:

  • The use of safety signs

  • Precautions for installation of safety signs

  • Maintenance and management of safety signs

The use of safety signs

(1) Slip and fall sign: Generally, when it rains, the floor sign is placed to remind pedestrians to be careful of slippery floors when there is water in the hallway or the toilet is wet.

(2) Warning sign: This is a kind of warning sign, through the symbols or words to indicate the danger, said must act carefully, or used to describe the properties of danger.

(3) Safety indication sign: Used to indicate the location of safety facilities and safety services, and where the main safety instructions and recommendations related to safety measures are given.

(4) Directional signs: Used to indicate the direction of normal and emergency exits, fire escapes, safety facilities, safety services, and restrooms.

(5) Mandatory action signs are used to indicate orders to perform certain actions and precautions to be taken. For example, wearing protective shoes, helmets, eye protection, etc.

Precautions for installation of safety signs

(1) First of all, it is necessary to consider that all signboards must be installed in such a way that there is no danger to people.

(2) Ensure the visibility of the sign. The choice of the sign installation location is important, and the information displayed on the sign should not only be correct but also clear and easy to read for all observers.

(3) Warning signs should be set far enough in front of the source of the hazard to ensure that the observer has sufficient time to see the sign and notice the hazard for the first time, a distance that varies with the situation. For example, signs warning against contact with switches or other electrical equipment should be set up near them, while signs in large plants or on transport roads should be set up far enough ahead of the hazard area to ensure that such warnings can be observed before reaching the hazard area, to be prepared.

(4) Safety signs should not be set on moving objects, because any change in the position of the object will cause the signboard observation to become blurred.

Maintenance and management of safety sign

To effectively play the role of a signboard, it should be regularly inspected, regularly cleaned, and replaced or repaired immediately when it is found to have deformation, damage, discoloration, loss of graphic symbols, aging of brightness, etc., to keep it in good condition. The safety management department should do a good job of supervision and inspection to find problems and correct them in time. In addition, the staff should be regularly informed of the safety sign usage procedures, especially those who are required to follow preventive measures. Only when these issues are considered, the safety sign can effectively play the role of a safety warning.

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