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Introduction of the convex mirror

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A convex mirror is also called a wide-angle mirror, reflector, and turning mirror. It is mainly used for various curves and intersections, it can expand the driver's field of vision, and timely detection of vehicles and pedestrians on the opposite side of the curve, thus reducing traffic accidents, but also can be used for supermarket anti-theft, monitoring dead ends. So what is the introduction of the convex mirror? Let's take a look next.

Here is the content list:

  • Features of the convex mirror

  • Application of convex mirror

Features of the convex mirror

1. Convex mirror is suitable for roads, parking lots, neighborhoods, and building concentrated areas, in sharp turns, dead ends, often traffic accidents, and other locations install the traffic mirror can greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, thereby ensuring the safety of life and property.

2. Can be used for large, medium-sized supermarkets and convenience stores, and an indoor convex mirror can monitor the dead end, even if the theft occurred can also reduce the loss of store owners.

3. Not easy to wear and tear, sunlight UV protection, endurance, the elastic mirror surface is not easy to destroy, mirror image clear, clear and lightweight and easy to install, long life of the mirror surface, beautiful shape, light, and safe mirror body. Mirror back strength is high, with aging resistance.

4. If the convex mirror surface is dirty just use a soft cloth or sponge, warm water gently cleaned to restore the mirror image clear, easy to take care of.

Application of convex mirror

The convex mirror can be divided into the outdoor convex mirror and indoor convex mirror by the placement of the convex mirror.    

1. The outdoor convex mirror is also called a traffic mirror, road mirror, and road corner mirror, its perspective range is large, can cover a wide range of scenery, suitable for sharp turns, dead ends, and often traffic accident locations, can magnify the driver would not notice the vehicle and pedestrians, reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents, and road corner mirrors are generally with a mirror cover and mirror back once formed, without losing the beauty and can reduce the sun reflection, ease the driver's discomfort.

2. Placement indoors is called an indoor convex mirror, suitable for all indoor safety applications, and can eliminate the blind spot. Convex mirrors used in supermarkets, convenience stores, and warehouses can monitor dead ends and prevent theft, while convex mirrors used in parking lots can expand the driver's view and alert drivers to vehicles ahead to avoid traffic accidents.

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