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Merry Christmas

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Christmas is an important Christian holiday to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

It’s also one of the traditional western festivals.

Merry Christmas

There is a Christmas characters, The Santa Claus.

Who are in Red hat and clothes, with white beard.

And the prototype of Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas,

the bishop who lived in the city of Mira in the 4th century.

Turkey, Gingerbread, Trunk Cake and Polenta are part of the mainly foods for Christmas.

Holiday colors are mainly in red, white, green and yellow.

Christmas tree

People looking forward to the Christmas from the start of December.

Prepare shocks, hats, and Christmas trees for this big festival.

Christmas Eve

And will have party with friends and families on Christmas Eve,

and exchange carefully prepared gifts with each other.

Wish you a Merry Christmas!


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