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Pamplola Bull-running Fiesta

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As we know,Spain is a famous country in Europe.Especially it is famous for Pamplola Bull-running Fiesta.

pamplola bull-running- fiesta

 Every year from July 6th-14th,it is Pamplola Bull-running Fiesta.Many tourists from world,go to spain and enjoy such activity.Lots of revelers, go to Pamplona  center and begin Spain's most famous bull-running fiesta which is in honor of the Navarre capital's patron saint, San Fermin.From Santo Domingo to the bull ring,hundres of people running with six bulls,to celebrate this special festival.Some people are injured during the run.

pamplola bull-running-1 fiesta

The San Fermin festival is reported began since 1591 ,originally purpose was to move the bulls to the arena. The difference was , in that time only a handful of daring souls ran the gauntlet in front of the frenzied beasts.

pamplola bull-running2 fiesta

America writer,Hemingway,whose novel named The Sun Also Rises in 1926, recorded this festival.After that,more and  more foreigners attending this the festival and running with the bulls.

pamplola bull-running fiesta


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