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Speed Bump & Speed Hump

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  Speed bumps and speed humps are both designed to reduce traffic speed by creating a jolt when a vehicle drives over them. Drive can check for pedestrians as well as children in the place. Humps and bumps are more effective than street signs which are often easily be missed. Speed bumps and humps have different design.

  Speed bumps have greater height, which can slow traffic by a much more sudden bump. Due to use of the speed bumps, drivers can slow down to a crawl o avoid discomfort. Speed bumps have the application for private roads and parking lots to slow traffic to a crawl.

  Speed humps have long enough for the up-and-down changes in road height, which can provide two relative gentle motions than the speed bump jolt produces. Speed humps is often used for public roads to slow traffic to a safer speed.

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Find all kinds of speed humps, here!



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